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Campground Spotlight | Catalina Island Campgrounds

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Campground Spotlight | Catalina Island Campgrounds

Campground Spotlight | Catalina Island Campgrounds

Catalina Island is located right off the coast of southern California and has some beautiful options for spring and summer camping. The island has wonderful access to water, which is great for boating and other water sports. Catalina Island is one of the eight islands in the Channel Islands archipelago. It is the only island in the archipelago with a significant permanent population. Visitors can enjoy all sorts of recreation, including hiking, biking, boating, snorkeling and much more.

Camping on Catalina Island is an amazing experience. The island has a unique environment, so campers will have to follow a few simple guidelines while enjoying a trip on Catalina. First, visitors should make sure to get a permit when checking in upon arrival. In addition, visitors should be aware that wood fires are restricted in some areas, and the gathering of wood is prohibited. All campers should make sure that they are aware on any current restrictions for camping and related activities before setting out to the campground.


Two Harbors Campground

This fantastic campground offers visitors two great types of amenities, including excellent tent sites and their great tent cabins. The tent cabins can accommodate up to six people, and offers cots for visitors to sleep on as well as a camp stove and more. Two Harbors Campground overlooks the ocean from a bluff on Catalina's Isthmus. Visitors can enjoy the separation from the village of Two Harbors, while also being an easy distance within the town. Two Harbors also offers a fast an easy online reservation system, which you can access here. The coves and harbors around Two Harbors are great for sailing and boating. In addition, visitors can make mooring reservations up to 90 days in advance, making it convenient for boaters to bring along their boat to Two Harbors.

Hermit Gulch Campground

On the other side of the island, near Catalina Island's other village Avalon, Hermit Gulch is another of the island's great camping options. Visitors will love the location of this campground, which is located in beautiful Avalon Canyon. Hermit Gulch has campsites as well as comfortable tent cabins. Avalon is a mere mile from the campground, which offers visitors access to some wonderful attractions. In addition, Hermit Gulch offers visitors easy access to hiking trails, including the Hermit Gulch Trail and the Trans Catalina Trail. Like Two Harbors visitors can make reservations online.

Parsons Landing Campground

Parsons Landing offers a much more secluded Catalina Island experience than Two Harbors. This campground is located on a beautiful beach, where visitors can camp. The campground is seven-miles from the village of Two Harbors. Those visitors that are looking for a wonderful recreational camping experience will love this camping option. It is only accessibly by hike or kayak. There are only eight campsites at Parsons Landing, so visitors should be sure to use the online reservation system.

Blackjack Campground

For this visitors to Catalina Island that want to experience a more inland experience, then Blackjack Campground is the place to visit. This lovely campground is located near Mt. Orizaba, the highest peak on the island. Visitors to Blackjack will enjoy the views from the campsites and much more. In addition, this destination offers plenty of hiking experiences, the campsite is accessed from the Blackjack Campground trailhead, which is about a mile and a half hike to the campground. Visit this site to make a reservation for one of the eleven campsites at Blackjack Campground.

Little Harbor Campground

Little Harbor Campground is another of Catalina Island's beautiful camping destinations. Visitors access this campground either by Safari Bus or by taking the difficult hike. Once visitors have arrived they will love the beach access that this wonderful campground provides. Little Harbor Campground is a great spot to enjoy kayaking as well as snorkeling and much more. Visitors should be sure to reserve one of the 23 campsites at Little Harbor online.

Boat-In Camping

Another unique and fantastic way to experience camping on Catalina Island is to reserve a Boat-In campsite. These sites are located in nine different locations and offer some of the best secluded campsites one the island. As the name suggests these campsites are accessed by boat, and are a great option for boating and kayaking enthusiasts. All of these Boat-In campsites are primitive, and no fires are allowed.

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