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Idaho Quick Facts

Uniquely Idaho: Rafting down the Snake River
Must-See: the Spud Drive-In in Driggs
Most Unusual: Craters of the Moon National Park
Highest Point: Borah Peak, 12,662 feet
Food to Try: Idaho’s famous potatoes

What to Do in Idaho

1 Tour the Shoshone Ice Caves

2 Go boating on Lake Coeur d'Alene

3 Hike North Idaho

4 Ski in Sun Valley

5 Go trout fishing in the Lost Rivers region

Fun and Funky Things to Do | Idaho

Idaho is fun state filled with great destinations, from nature to history. Visitors can find all sorts of fun attractions, funky attractions and much more. Here are a few of the funky and fun destinations that visitors will find.

Idaho Potato Museum
The Idaho Potato Museum is a great museum to learn about the importance of Idaho potatoes. Potatoes are an important part of Idaho's agriculture. The Museum celebrates everything about Idaho's potatoes from the first potato to potato chips. In addition to potato history the museum has information about the whole potato industry.

Shoshone Indian Ice Caves
This attraction is a lava tube that stretches for 1,000 feet. Visitors to the Shoshone Indian Ice Caves enter through a collapsed entrance. When the cold air enters the cave all of the water freezes creating a sheet of ice. Visitors can explore this amazing natural feature while walking on the wooden bridge covering the cave floor.

Geyser Park, Soda Springs
Visitors to Soda Springs will find a geyser at Geyser Park. This is actually the captive geyser in the world. Residents in Soda Springs found the geyser when drilling for a hot water source. The geyser was unleashed and today visitors can visit the the controlled and timed geyser.

The city of Arco Idaho was the very first city in the world to receive electricity from nuclear power. Visitors can learn about the history of nuclear power in Idaho and in Arco. Today nuclear power is still an important part of the town's culture and heritage.

Dog Bark Park Inn
This Bed & Breakfast in Cottonwood is actually located in the World's Biggest Beagle. Those visitors that stay at the Inn enter the Beagle through their personal second story deck. Within the Beagle there are all sorts of amazing furnishings many made by the creators of the dog.

Off The Beaten Path | Idaho

Idaho is a stunningly beautiful state, filled with amazing vistas and excellent attractions. The state also has a very wide ranging and diverse history. No matter what you enjoy doing you are sure to find some attraction or destination that you love. Here are just a few of Idaho's great attractions.

Bayhorse Ghost Town and Trails System
History buffs will love this 1880s era ghost town. The town is preserved in the Yankee Fork State Park. Visitors get the chance to see the preserved site of Bayhorse town. Visitors also can enjoy the extensive trail system for ATV use.

Priest Lake

This 25-mile long lake is a great recreational destination. Priest Lake is actually only two lakes, connected by a 2.5 mile river. The river is filled with beautiful clear mountain water, Priest Lake is surrounded by forests and more. Priest River's surrounding forests have a wide range of tree species including ponderosa pines, as well as, lots of wildlife. Visitors can enjoy the excellent fishing, camping, boating, hiking and much more recreation.

Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area

The Morley Nelson Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area was created in order to protect a unique concentration of birds of prey. Within the vast acreage of this Conservation Area there are both nesting and migrating birds of prey. The species prevalent here include, eagles, falcons, hawks and owls, there are in fact 24 species of raptors in the area. For visitors hoping to enjoy some bird of prey watching, spring is the best time to visit the Conservation Area. This area also has other fun recreational activities, which can be enjoyed throughout the year.

Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve
This National Monument is 750,000 acres, and it has amazing volcanic formations. Visitors can enjoy seeing the cinder cones, lava tubes and more. The monument has good hiking, bird watching, backpacking and even caving. During the summer there are guided cave walks, and during the winter visitors can have fun snowshoeing, cross-county skiing and more.

Hells Canyon National Recreation Area
Hells Canyon is the deepest gorge in North America. Located in west central Idaho and crossing into northeaster Oregon, Hells Canyon is a great Idaho destination. Visitors to Hells Canyon can explore by boat, which is the best way to see the canyon. There are also sightseeing tours that visitors can take to enjoy the amazing sights of Hells Canyon.

Bitterroot National Forest
This 1.6 million acre forest straddles Idaho and Montana, it is also the largest expanse of continuous pristine forest in the lower 48. Visitors to the forest can see the Bitterroot Range, see the steep canyons and much more. The Selway and Salmon rivers also flow through the forest.

Basque Museum and Cultural Center, Boise
Visitors to the Basque Museum and Cultural Center will learn that Boise has the highest concentration of Basque in the country. This Museum illustrates the history of the Basque population in Idaho, as well as the origin of the Basque culture. The Museum is located in the Cyrus Jacobs-Uberuaga house, which was also a Basque boarding house from 1910 to 1969. Visitors to the museum can enjoy the exhibits, archives and even tours.

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