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Mississippi Quick Facts

Mississippi Things To Do At a Glance
Uniquely Mississippi: The Mississippi Sandhill Crane
Must See: Old Natchez Trace
Most Unusual: World's largest cactus plantation in Edwards
Highest Point: Woodall Mountain, 806 feet
Food to Try: Cajun Crawfish and Sweet Potato Pie

What to Do in Mississippi:

1 Explore the Biloxi Lighthouse

2 See the Civil War Earthworks in Corinth

3 Enjoy the cajun crawfish at the Country Cajun Crawfish Festival

4 Learn about Tennessee Williams at the Mississippi Welcome Center

5 Experience Civil War ear Mississippi at a Civil War reenactment

6 Learn about prehistory in the area at the Mississippi Petrified Forest

Off The Beaten Path attractions in Mississippi

Mississippi is an amazing state. Visitors will find a wide range of activities and attractions to enjoy. Throughout the state there are many places of historical significance, as well as many places to enjoy recreational activities. Throughout this beautiful state there are many places to go, here are a few of these excellent destinations.

Vicksburg National Military Park

Vicksburg National Military Park commemorates the action at Vicksburg during the Civil War. When Vicksburg surrendered on July 4, 1863 and Port Hudson, Louisiana was captured just days later, the Union gained control of the Mississippi River, which was an important turning point in the war. Today, visitors can learn all about the history of Vicksburg at the National Military Park and on the tour road. Within Vicksburg National Military Park there are monuments, the USS Cairo Museum and Gunboat, and much more.

Natchez Trace Parkway

The Natchez Trace Parkway is a nationally designated parkway that travels for over 400-miles through Mississippi, and continues into Alabama and Tennessee. Visitors to Mississippi can take an amazing scenic drive across the state while following the parkway, and enjoy many other activities along the way. While enjoying the natural beauty along the drive, visitor can stop to camp, bike, hike, fish and more. There are also many fascinating places to stop and explore along the way, including a prehistoric mound site, scenic overlooks and archeological sites.

Mynelle Gardens

The Mynelle Gardens are a great attraction in Jackson. Covering seven acres in the city, visitors can enjoy seeing a wide variety of botanical gardens, water features, and even a variety of bird species. Visitors can explore the gardens on the paths, enjoy the pond, cross the bridges onto the island within the pond. Mynelle Gardens was originally a private garden, but today it is owned by the City of Jackson and welcomes visitors throughout the year to enjoy the beauty of these magnificent southern gardens.


Beauvoir is the retirement home of Jefferson Davis. Today it is owned and operated by the Sons of Confederate Veterans. Visitors can tour this historic home, as well as learn about the Confederate President and the Civil War. Beauvoir also has an Annual Fall Muster, which is a great way to learn about the Civil War through experiencing the sights and sounds of Civil War battles.

Longwood Plantation

Located in Natchez, Longwood Plantation is one of the most unique mansions you will find. Rather than the usual Greek Revival style plantation home, Longwood is an octagonal, six story mansion with a byzantine style dome on top. The mansion was designed by Samuel Sloan for Haller Nutt, unfortunately the house was never finished due to the start of the Civil War. Today, visitors can tour this historic building, and explore the 32 rooms, of which only 9 were ever finished.

Gulf Islands National Seashore

This National Seashore is divided into two districts, the Mississippi District and the Florida District. Visitors to Mississippi can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities during a visit to the Gulf Islands, including swimming, hiking, wildlife watching, boating and more. Start a visit to the National Seashore at the visitor contact center in the Davis Bayou Area. Here visitors can learn about the islands as well as enjoy the boardwalks and nature trails. Visitors can also take a private boat to any of the islands. In addition, there is a passenger ferry to West Ship Island, where visitors can enjoy swimming in the designated area as well as enjoying the beautiful white sandy beaches.

Country Cajun Crawfish Festival

Each year, Mississippi celebrates one of the favorite dishes in Mississippi at the Country Cajun Crawfish Festival. Visitors can enjoy this festival held at the Coast Coliseum over two weekends in April. Along with excellent food, there is music, rides and much more. The Country Cajun Crawfish Festival is a great way to explore some of the culture and cuisine of Mississippi.

Fun & Funky Things to Do in Mississippi

Mississippi is a beautiful state filled with fascinating destinations. This state has been the site of important points in American history and is filled with fun attractions. For those visitors that are looking for attractions and destinations that are maybe a little funky and always a lot of fun they will find plenty to do in Mississippi. Here are a few of the states fun and funky destinations.

Biedenharn Coca-Cola Museum

Located in Vicksburg, this museum commemorates the first bottle of Coca-Cola every produced. Visitors to this museum will see the types of equipment used to bottle the first ever Coca-Cola, as well as Coca-Cola memorabilia and more. This is an excellent museum to learn about one of our nation's iconic beverages.

Cotton Row

On the National Register of Historic Places, Cotton Rw is the second largest cotton exchange in the country. This district represents a very important piece of the country's cotton industry. The buildings in the Cotton Row Historic District are examples of the type used post-Civil War in the sale of cotton.

Mississippi Museum of Natural Science

Visitors to Jackson should be sure to stop and explore the wonderful exhibits at the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science. With both indoor and outdoor exhibits, including nature trails, which opens the natural environment of Mississippi to visitors and residents alike.

Choctaw Indian Fair

The Choctaw Indian Fair is a great destination for visitors to see a game of Stickball in person. Stickball is a Choctaw tradition, sometimes used to resolve disputes and played for fun. Today the tradition is kept alive and at the Choctaw Indian Fair visitors have the chance to watch a traditional game of Stickball as well as many other traditional arts and crafts of the Choctaw Tribe.

Ohr-O'Keefe Museum

Located in Biloxi, this museum displays the unique art of George E. Ohr. Throughout the museum visitors can see and learn about the important Mississippi. In addition, the museum buildings, designed by Frank Gehry, are a fun architectural experience.

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