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Kentucky Quick Facts

Uniquely Kentucky: The Kentucky Derby and the Kentucky Oaks
Must-See: Mammoth Cave
Most Unusual: World's Largest Bat at the Louisville Slugger Museum
Highest Point: Black Mountain, 4,145 feet
Food to Try: Kentucky Fried Chicken and Mint Julep

What to Do in Kentucky:

1 Watch the largest fireworks display in the US, Thunder Over Louisville, during the Kentucky Derby Festival

2 Explore the world's longest known cave system at Mammoth Cave National Park

3 Enjoy the bluegrass music in the Bluegrass State

4 Visit one of Kentucky's Horse Farms

5 Attend a horse race

Off The Beaten Path | Kentucky

Kentucky is a fascinating state, rich with history, culture and more. Visitors will find a wealth of amazing attractions. Here are a few of Kentucky's must see destinations and attractions.

Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historical Park
This park is a memorial to the 16th president. Visitors to this park can learn all about the life of President Lincoln in Kentucky. There are many historic points of interest. Visitors should make sure to stop at both the Birthplace Unit and the Boyhood Home Unit. At the Birthplace Unit visitors can stop at the Memorial Building, which is a Symbolic Cabin, the Sinking Spring, and the Site of the Boundary Oak Tree. During a visit to the Boyhood Home Unit, visitors can see Knob Creek, this historic water source for the Lincoln family, as well as hike the Overlook Trail.

Bowling Green Assembly Plant

At this plant visitors to Kentucky and Bowling Green can see where and how the Corvette is made. Tour attendees take a fun tour of the plant, where visitors get to see the machines that put the car together. Then after walking through the creation of the car, visitors can watch as the car is started and more.

International Bluegrass Music Museum
What better museum to visit during a visit to the Bluegrass State than the International Bluegrass Music Museum. As Bluegrass is the official music of Kentucky, it seems appropriate to spend some time learning the history and culture that is so important to the state. Located in Owensboro, this museum has a wide variety of exhibits, recognizing noteworthy people in the bluegrass community, as well as the instruments in bluegrass music, and much more.

Kentucky Horse Park
This attraction is an amazing place for visitors to celebrate the importance of horses in the state. Not only is it a working horse farm. Visitors can truly enjoy all different types of horse sports and horses. There are horse rides, pony rides, farm tours, a museum, presentations and much more. In addition to having a wide variety of fun attractions, this horse farm also has a equestrian competition training facility and more.

Louisville Slugger Museum
Sports fans can also visit the Louisville Slugger Museum, the factory and museum where Louisville Slugger bats are manufactured. Visitors to this museum will learn all about the bats, and even have a chance to watch the bats being produced.

Mammoth Cave National Park
Mammoth Cave is the longest known cave system in the world. To date, 390 miles of the system have been explored. The first step in a visit to Mammoth Cave is a cave tour to see the amazing cave system in person. Throughout out the park there are many points of interest to explore, including Cedar Sink, The Big Woods, Sloan's Crossing Pond, Cathedral Domes, Cave Island, Frozen Niagara and more. Without spending at least a day or two at Mammoth Cave National Park, you won't be able to visit many of the amazing sights that can be found within the park. Mammoth Cave National Park also has plenty of opportunities for recreation, camping, water recreation and more.

Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill
Visitors to Pleasant Hill will be able to visit this amazing living history museum. This the largest restored Shaker villages in the country. Visitors can take walking tours through the village to see what Shaker life was like. This living history museum has over 30 restored buildings, thousands of acres of farmland, and an amazing collection of rock fences. This site is a great spot to learn about an important part of American history.

Fun & Funky Things to Do | Kentucky

Kentucky is a beautiful state. Throughout the state there are fun things to do and see. For those visitors that want to see a few attractions that are a bit funky and a lot fun, here are a few of the very fun and interesting destinations worth exploring.

American Cave Museum
This museum celebrates the history of the Kentucky's Cave Country. Visitors to this museum have the chance to learn all about the history of the caves, as well as all about the how the caves are formed and continue to change. There are exhibits about cave exploration, information about cave wildlife and much more.

Wildwood Inn

Visitors to Kentucky looking for a fun experience should make reservations at the Wildwood Inn. This destination has a wide variety of themed suites to create a fun and funky Kentucky vacation. There are pirate themed suites, Safari Village suites, a topical dome and much more. Every visitor can create find a fun theme to enjoy at a stay at the Wildwood Inn.

World's Largest Bat
Located at one of Kentucky's great museums, is the World's Largest Bat. Visitors to the Louisville Slugger Museum not only have the opportunity to learn all about this iconic baseball bat, but they also get to see the World's Largest Bat outside the museum.

Jim Beam Distillery
Those people looking for a fun experience in Kentucky can visit the Jim Beam Distillery. This bourbon manufacturer offers visitors a tour. The tour takes visitors to the historic home, as well as the oldest rack house and of course tasting opportunities. On this tour visitors have the chance to learn all about the history of Jim Beam and more.

Vent Haven Museum
This museum is a great place to learn all about ventriloquism. There are figures, memorabilia and more. In fact, is is the only museum of ventriloquial figures. Visitors get to take a guided tour of the museum and learn all about the history of ventriloquism.

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