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Delaware Quick Facts:

Uniquely Delaware: Horseshoe crabs on the Chesapeake Bay in May
Must-See: Odessa a historic town
Most Unusual: Delmarva Chicken Festival and the world's largest frying pan
Highest Point: Elbright Azimuth , 447 feet
Food to Try: Scrapple and crab puffs

What to Do in Delaware:

1 Drive the Brandywine Scenic Byway

2 Explore the Nanticoke Indian Museum

3 Learn at the DiscoverSea Shipwreck Museum

4 Visit historic Lewes

5 Walk along the mile-long boardwalk at Bethany Beach

6 See the coastal wetlands at the Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge

Fun & Funky Things to Do | Delaware

Delaware is a a fun East Coast to visit for any vacation. Throughout the state there are many points of historic importance, and many places to just enjoy the present lifestyle of the state. Here are a few of Delaware's fun, funky and overall excellent attractions.

Air Mobility Command Museum

This museum located at Dover Air Force Base tells a story not often found at other Air Force museums. Visitors to this unique attraction have the opportunity to learn about how all of the items necessary for military operations have been transported historically. The Air Mobility Command Museum is filled with fun exhibits, including plenty of aircraft.

Nemours Mansion & Gardens
Those travelers that like visiting spectacular homes and the accompanying gardens will love the Nemours Mansion & Gardens. This was once the estate of Alfred I. du Pont, and today visitors have the opportunity to see the stunning architecture and furnishings within the mansion. The gardens are equally magnificent with formal French gardens and more.

World Champion Punkin Chunkin
Held each year in November, this contest is a great chance to watch people destroy pumpkins. Competitors chuck pumpkins using homemade pumpkin launchers. Visitors have the opportunity to see pumpkins hurled amazing distances. Those interested in creating their own launcher and participating can fill out an application to participate in this fantastic competition.

World's Largest Frying Pan
Wilmington, Delaware is home to the "World's Largest Frying Pan," and is an ideal destination for those exploring the world's largest things throughout the country and world. This particular giant frying pan was made for the DelMarVa Peninsula Annual Chicken Show and Feed. Today it is locate in the city of Wilmington for visitors to admire.

Zwaanendael Museum
This museum, in Lewes, is a great place to learn about Lewes area history, including military history. But the museum exhibits aren't the only fun aspect to this destination. The inspiration for the building came from the Hoorn, Netherlands town hall. Visitors to this building can enjoy the unique architecture and features of the museum building itself, while also exploring the interesting exhibits.

Off The Beaten Path | Delaware

Beautiful Delaware, the First State, is a fantastic camping destination. With beautiful  scenery combined with delightful towns and attractions. Delaware is filled with excellent off the beaten path destinations for all visitors.

Bethany Beach
Bethany Beach is a beautiful resort destination in Delaware. Throughout the summer the town and its resorts are filled with fun summer activities, including, beautiful resorts, sandy beaches and more. In addition, the nearby state park, Delaware Seashore State Park, on a barrier island is an excellent beach and park attraction. Bethany Beach also has a fun beach boardwalk, which is a great way to enjoy the sandy beaches and beautiful waters off the coast.

Brandywine Valley Scenic Byway
The twelve miles of the Brandywine Valley Scenic Byway pass through some of the most beautiful and historic parts of Delaware. Starting in Wilmington, the byway passes through some of Delaware's historic sites. The Byway takes visitors to many of the important sites of the Du Pont Legacy, and more.

Cape Henlopen State Park
This Delaware park's beaches are a fabulous destination for all travelers. During the summer the beaches are great for swimming and enjoying the water. Cape Henlopen State Park also has excellent biking, hiking and more to entertain visitors. Trails in this park travel through the pinelands and the seaside.

Delaware Agricultural Museum & Village
Visitors to Dover will have a great time exploring the exhibits at this museum. The museum recreates a rural village in 1800's Delaware. Visitors to the museum will have the opportunity to learn about rural life in Delaware, as well as the technological advances made in agriculture during that time period.

Delaware History Museum
Located in Wilmington, this museum is a great destination to learn more about the history of the First State. The Delaware History Museum has three galleries with fascinating interactive exhibits. With changing exhibits and many different artifacts showing what historic Delaware life was like.

Longwood Gardens
Right on the Pennsylvania border, the Longwood Gardens is one part of the Du Pont legacy. The land was purchased to save the trees. Today the gardens cover over 1000 acres and have thousands of species of plants. Within the indoor and outdoor gardens there are flowers, trees, beautiful architecture, fountains and more.

Riverfront Wilmington
Visitors to Wilmington will have a great time exploring the boutiques and shops within the city. In addition to the shopping and dining found in Wilmington, there is also plenty of live entertainment to enjoy as well. Wilmington offers year round entertainment, shopping, dining and more along the beautiful riverfront.

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