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Virginia Camping | Things to Do

Virginia | Fun and Funky Things to Do

Virginia is a beautiful state, and it has many great attractions. Some of these attractions are very unique. If you are looking to enjoy some quirky and fun attractions during your trip to Virginia, here are a few great destinations to consider.

Drug Enforcement Administration Museum, Arlington

Located on the ground floor of the DEA headquarters. The museum contains a wide range of drug related artifacts, these artifacts represent all different time periods. Throughout the museum there are exhibits that illustrate different periods in time and culture. The DEA has much more that could be in a museum, however, many of these artifacts and photos are too shocking to be presented in a museum that gets such a wide range of visitors.

Dinosaur Kingdom, Natural Bridge

The Dinosaur Kingdom share its location with Professor Cline's Haunted Monster Museum. Visitors to Dinosaur Kingdom, will see the life-sized, hand crafted, fiberglass dinosaurs. Along the path through Dinosaur Kingdom, the large dinosaurs in combat with Union soldiers during the Civil War. Visitors to Dinosaur Kingdom can learn all about the story that brings together Dinosaurs and Civil War soldiers.

George Washington Masonic National Memorial, Alexandria

This memorial is a unique commemoration for both George Washington and the Freemasons. The ten story memorial was built by the Freemasons, and was built to resemble the Ancient 7 Wonders lighthouse at Alexandria, Egypt. The George Washington Masonic National Memorial is also museum, with replicas and artifacts from important American leaders and Freemasons.

Shenandoah Caverns

These interesting caverns are a great way to explore the underground and see the amazing formations. These caverns actually have elevator service into the caverns. Along the one-mile long trail there are all sorts of crystalline formations and large rooms.

Natural Bridge

The Natural Bridge in Virginia is a truly amazing sight. It is a naturally formed rock bridge. This bridge has a long history for America. It is included in Native American tradition, as well as involvement in the history of founding fathers like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. Visitors to the Natural Bridge can also visit the Natural Bridge Caverns. These caverns descend 34 stories into the ground, and have some amazing features such as the Colossal Dome, a dome shaped natural feature.

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