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In addition to the pine forests, natural beauty, history and other types of interesting destination in New Jersey, the state filled with fun and funky types of destinations. Visitors that like to explore some of the odder types of destination might like to explore a few of these fun and funky destinations in New Jersey

Museum of American Glass

Visitors to New Jersey should make sure to explore the Museum of American Glass. This museum has the most comprehensive collection of American Glass in the world, and it is all displayed in the region where most of the glass was made. Exhibits include pieces from the earliest American glass factories, paperweights, art nouveau pieces, contemporary glass and more.


Within this 16 acre attraction, visitors will find the World's Largest Model Train. There are more than 8 miles of train track, amazing features including bridges, canyons, cities and more. In addition to the amazing model trains there is also a great doll collection and more.

Sterling Hill Mining Museum

Travelers interested in mining and minerals should explore the Sterling Hill Mining Museum. This museum is located in what was at one time a zinc mine. Today, visitors can take mine tours, see outdoor mine structures, explore the displays of fluorescent minerals and much more.

The Thomas Edison Center at Menlo Park

Those visitors that are interested in science and inventing should stop and explore Edison State Park. Within the park visitors will find the Edison Memorial Tower, a museum and much more. Menlo Park and Edison State Park are located on the site of one of Thomas Edison's laboratories, and are a great place to learn about the history of Thomas Edison and his important inventions. Currently the museum is being restored, but it is expected to reopen in the summer of 2011.

U.S.S. Atlantus at Sunset Beach

At Sunset Beach on Cape May visitors can see much more than the beautiful beach. Just off shore is the wreck of the U.S.S. Atlantus, one of the concrete ships built during World War I. During this period there was a shortage of steel, so engineers designed and built ships from concrete. This design was not longer used after steel became available after the end of the war. The U.S.S. Atlantus was towed to Cape May, and in 1926 the ship broke loose from its moorings and was grounded during a storm. None of the attempts made to move the ship failed and today visitors can see what is left of the concrete ship at Sunset Beach.

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