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New Hampshire | Fun and Funky Things to Do

New Hampshire is a beautiful New England destination. The sate is filled with amazing destinations fora any traveler. For those visitors looking for something a little different, perhaps a bit funky, but always fun, here are a few attractions of interest in New Hampshire.

American Classic Arcade Museum

More of a working arcade than a traditional museum, visitors will have a great time exploring all of the arcade memorabilia and games. Filled with new and classic arcade games, the museum is a great destination for all arcade and arcade game fans.

America's Stonehenge

New Hampshire's Stonehenge, America's Stonehenge, is a great destination for travelers looking for fun and funky attractions. Unlike other destinations bearing the name of Stonehenge this destination refers to an attraction that was not created as a Stonehenge replica. This destination boasts its own unique and interesting formation of rocks.

Family Camping Museum and Hall of Fame

Families that like to spend their free time camping, will be delighted with a visit to the Family Camping Museum and Hall of Fame. This museum was created by a man who had years of collected family camping gear and more from his own experiences. Visitors to this museum will see all sorts of different camping gear and memories, probably not unlike their own memorabilia saved from family trips.

Ruggles Mine

Located near Grafton, this is a great destination if you are looking for a more hands-on type of experience. Visitors to the mine have the opportunity to search for their own semi-precious gems. At Ruggles Mine, visitors are welcome to hammer away at the rocks in the mine looking for something special.

Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park

Visitors to New Hampshire looking for a fun camping destination can stop for a time at the campsites and cabins at juggles Mine. Built on the story of Yogi Bear, this thinned camping destination will be filled with fun activities for the whole family.

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