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Montana is a state filled with beautiful places to explore and recreate. The state also has an amazing variety of odd and fascinating attractions. Montana has interesting natural features, museums and history. Here are a few fun and funky attractions visitors to Montana can enjoy.

Suspension Bridge, Kootenai River

Located on Highway 2 between Libby and Troy, visitors to Montana can enjoy the beautiful Kootenai River up close from the suspension bridge over the river. The views of the river and surrounding area are particularly amazing from the middle of the bridge. Be careful when crossing though, the bridge can get pretty rocky when multiple people cross at one time.

Miracle of America Museum, Polson

This interesting museum has a wide variety of collections that will fascinate any visitor to Montana. Visitors can explore the large collection of antique motorcycles, or enjoy the collection of winter items. These exhibits are just two among many different collections found in the museum.

Mineral Museum, Butte

Visitors to Montana can find this museum on the campus at Montana Tech. The Mineral Museum has an amazing collection of mineral specimens from Butte and around the world. Visitors to the museum can also see the active seismographs as they record real-time data. The museum also has tours, workshops and more.

Virginia City

This city is an amazingly preserved gold mining town. Virginia City has over 100 historic buildings for visitors to explore and see how residents of the town lived in the 1800s. Virginia City has theater shows, historic lodging, old-fashioned dining, stagecoaches and even a steam locomotive.

Medicine Rock State Park, Miles City

Medicine Rock State Park in southeastern Montana is a place with very interesting natural formations. Visitors to the park can enjoy all sorts of recreational activities. During a visit to the park, travelers can learn about the historical significance of the area. Medicine Rock State Park's most interesting feature are the weathered sandstone rocks throughout the area.

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