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Maryland | Fun and Funky Things to Do 

Those visitors to Maryland that enjoy visiting fun and funky attractions will have plenty of options. Here are a few of the fascinating places visitors to the state of Maryland can enjoy.

American Visionary Art Museum

Located in Baltimore, this museum is dedicated to visionary artists, those artists that independently create their art and style, perhaps without ever realizing that it is art. The art at this museum spans many years and styles. Visitors will love seeing all of the different pieces of art and learning about some of the unknown but amazing artists found throughout the country.

National Museum of Dentistry

Dental enthusiasts as well as other curious travelers should find the National Museum of Dentistry in Baltimore. At this museum visitors will find an impressive collection of artifacts and information on the history of oral health and more. The fascinating exhibits include collections of historic dental instruments and even an exhibit dedicated to George Washington and his dentures.

National Vigilance Park

This park honors aerial reconnaissance crews and their sacrifices over the years. Visitors to this park can see real aircraft made to resemble those that went down during their missions. While exploring the park visitors can see a refurbished C-130 and other aircraft, while also learning more about the important role aerial reconnaissance has played in national security over time.

Thrasher Carriage Museum

Travelers interested in historic transportation should be sure to visit Frostburg, Maryland to learn about and see the collection of horse-drawn vehicles at the Thrasher Carriage Museum. This museum is dedicated to carriages, carts and sleighs. Visitors to the museum will have the opportunity to see an amazing collection with examples of horse-drawn vehicles that served all purposes.

US Army Ordnance Museum

Located in Aberdeen, Maryland the US Army Ordnance Museum houses an impressive collection of weapons and documents important to the US Army Ordnance Corps. Although the museum has started relocation to Ft Lee Virginia, visitors to Aberdeen can still see the outdoor display, which includes plenty of impressive tanks to wander among.

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