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Kansas is a beautiful state, with many excellent traditional attractions. For those travelers that enjoy fun and funky attractions, here are a few of the Kansas attractions that might fulfill the quirky attractions needs of any museum.s

The Barbed Wire Museum
This museum in Lacrosse is filled with the history of barbed wire. The museum features thousands of different types of barbed wire, as well as tools and other items used in fencing. Visitors to the Barbed Wire Museum can learn all about the varieties and history of the fencing implement.

The World's Largest Ball of Twine
One of the world's largest things is located in Cawker City. Here visitors to Kansas will find the World's Largest Ball of Twine. This ball is 40 feet in circumference and is entirely composed of Sisal twine.

Kansas Underground Salt Museum
The Kansas Underground Salt Museum is literally located underground. Visitors to the museum learn all about the history of salt  in an underground salt bed. The salt bed was formed over two million years ago.

Underground Tunnels
The town of Ellinwood features some very fascinating historic tunnels. These tunnels connected some of the town's main stores prior to the 1930s. Today some of these tunnels are still open for tours by the Ellinwood Museum Association.

Dinosaur Not so National Park
On Highway 47, southwest of Erie, there is a great collection of dinosaur sculptures created from junk metal. These sculptures are located in the yard of a private citizen, but they are a great roadside attraction to drive past and take photographs.

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