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factsKansas Quick Facts

Uniquely Kansas: The Geodetic Center of North America is located in northwest Kansas, this is the point of reference for all land surveying in North America
Must-See: The three largest herds of Bison are currently located in the Kansas
Most Unusual: Rock City, this park contains over 200 spherical boulders which have a unique formation and one of the largest natural collection of this type of rock in the world
Highest Point: Mount Sunflower, 4,039 feet
Food to Try: Chicken Fried Steak

What to Do in Kansas:

1 Visit the Kansas Underground Salt Museum

2 Enjoy nature in Kansas at the Overland Park Arboretum and Botanical Gardens

3 Experience great entrainment at the Kansas State Fair in Hutchinson

4 Learn about the agriculture industry and the tradition of food growth and production at on of the state's ranches or farms

5 Explore the state of Kansas on one of a few historic trails, including the trail Lewis & Clark followed, the Santa Fe Trail, the Oregon Trail and more


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