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Connecticut is a beautiful state, filled with amazing sights and attractions. For those travelers looking to visit some fascinating, fun and some funky attractions, should check out some of the attractions below.

The Barnum Museum
This Museum in Bridgeport, Connecticut has some fascinating exhibits, preserving the history of the area. Bridgeport was the home of P.T. Barnum and many of the artifacts and exhibits in the museum are dedicated to telling the story of his life and career. Unfortunately the museum's webpage says that the museum is closed for renovation at present (May 2011), but it is certainly worth stopping and exploring when the museum reopens.

CRRA Trash Museum
For all of those travelers that like museums that are a little different, and for all those travelers interested in how our trash is dealt with after if get picked up, the CRRA Trash Museum is a perfect destination. This museum shows visitors how trash disposal has evolved over time and what types of solutions were devised for certain problems confronting the industry. Visitors have the opportunity to view a working recycling facility, as well as learning about recycling and other issues of importance for the waste disposal industry.

Nathan Lester House & Farm Tool Museum
Visitors to this museum will have a wonderful time exploring both the historic house and grounds for an afternoon. The house and barns both feature tools and items from the Colonial period through the Victorian era. In addition to exploring the fascinating Farm Toll Museum, visitors can enjoy the beauty of the Great Oak Garden on the gourds.

The Submarine Force Library & Museum
This museum located in Groton, on the Thames River is an excellent destination to learn about Submarines and especially the U.S. Submarine Force. As the only museum dedicated to submarines operated by the U.s. Navy, this museum has an amazing collection and variety of artifacts and items relating to Submarine history. Visitors will also find that Groton is also the home of the USS Nautilus.

Wild Bill's Nostalgia Store
Wild Bill's Nostalgia Store is an excellent destination if you want to have an adventure while shopping for countless pop culture and and other fascinating items. Located in Middletown, this store is immediately recognizable from the exterior decorations which include a VW Beetle and a giant Jack-In-The-Box head. Within visitors will find all sorts of objects, including a figure of a man made entirely from bear traps. This funky and certainly fun destination has something to interest any visitor.

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