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Camping on a Budget in Ohio

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Camping on a Budget in Ohio

Camping on a Budget in Ohio

After tax season we are all a bit more conscious of our budgets. This year try taking a budget friendly road trip.

You can find many strategies for saving money and seeing the destinations you have been longing to visit. In a country as large as the United States, one of the best ways to experience all there is to see, is to actually drive to your destinations. Not only do you get to see the scenery along the way, but you have much more freedom in your destinations along the way and any other activities you may wish to experience.

As we are all aware gas prices are continuing to go up, so when you plan your road trip, this will be your biggest expense. One of the first ways to save some money is to bring along your camping gear. Camp sites are much cheaper than hotels and you can have plenty of fun cooking your meals over the camp fire instead of going out to restaurants for every meal.

As you plan you camping road trip in Ohio, check out the fantastic campground finder here on With this handy tool you can find campsites across the state, as well as any other state you may be visiting. You can read reviews and learn about the amenities that each campground offers, so you can find the best match for your budget. The best part though, is the easy online reservation system for many of the campgrounds. This makes budgeting even easier since you will have your accommodations already arranged.

Next, start your trip by bringing along food from home. You won't be busting your budget on food if you bring as much of what you already have as you can. Then flesh out your supplies by stopping at a discount store along the way. Costco is a great option if you have a membership, especially for larger groups. For smaller groups shop as though you are on your regular budget sat a regular grocery store.

The biggest part of your road trip is going to be where to stop. What destinations you will be visiting. Ohio is filled with fantastic free and budget friendly options. Ohio's fantastic state parks are free, so you can spend some time recreating in Ohio's most beautiful spots.

Hocking Hills State Park is a great Ohio option. The sandstone throughout the park has been weathered and eroded creating some excellent attractions for visitors to explore. Some of the park's must-see spots are Ash Cave, Old Man's Cave, Cantwell Cliffs and Rock Cave. Throughout the park you can enjoy hiking, biking and many other recreational activities.

Although you have to pay for parking, a days visit to the Serpent Mound State Memorial is a great option. Found in Adams County it is an amazing example of prehistoric culture in the United States. The Serpent Mound is almost a quarter of a mile long, and appears to represent an uncoiling serpent. It is also one of the best of only a few effigy mounds in the United States.

Another free attraction in Ohio is the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, which has no entrance fees. At this park you can enjoy the beautiful Cuyahoga River, as well as many different natural habitats in the area. The Towpath Trail is a great spot to enjoy some hiking. This rail follows the route of the Ohio & Erie Canal. You can also hike on the Ledges Trail, or visit the Brandywine Falls.

If you are planning on visiting on the Ohio's cities, make sure you research which museums and galleries offer free admission. There are many wonderful works of art and pieces of cultural significance that are housed in free museums. The Cincinnati Art Museum has an amazing collection of art, and it has free admission every day. At the art museum you will find art by many of the old masters including Titian, Piccasso and Renoir. You can also view the galleries with art from ancient Egypt, the Far East, and Native American culture among others. Another great feature of the art museum are the examples of local art, art from Cincinnati's "Golden Age" and examples of Rookwood pottery, which originated in Cincinnati.

Throughout Ohio there are fantastic budget friendly destinations. You can explore some of the most beautiful destinations in the state, spend time recreating, or enjoy fantastic works of art. All in a completely budget friendly road trip. With some careful planning, you can have the trip of a lifetime in Ohio without breaking your vacation budget.


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